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Now the delicious food you love from
Gravylady is available for your dogs!! 

Nothing makes me happier than feeding my loved ones, and that includes my two babies, Nell & Tito. For years, I've been making them dog food toppers with the same fresh ingredients from my catering products. I love watching their big eyes light up when I take the toppers out of the fridge. I hope your dogs love them as much as mine do! 


                  Dee Dee


Pictured:  Nell & Tito, Gravylady Dog Food Toppers' biggest fans

Check out our chef-inspired dog food topper blends made with human-grade ingredients


Available at:

The Fruit Store

26 W. First Street

Hinsdale, IL 

(630) 655-1893

The Fruit Store

925 Burlington Ave.

Western Springs, IL 

(708) 246-0893

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